Australia: Where to Go App

Whether you are visiting an unknown part of Australia or taking a trip into your local city, the Australia: Where to Go iPhone App will help you plan an exciting trip or a delicious meal and learn a great amount of knowledge about the location.

The Australia: Where to Go App is very convenient. As soon as I started the App it asked to use my location so that it could locate where I was and show me everything available in my area. Within seconds, I appeared on the active map (as a pulsing dot) and could tap on different reviewed restaurants, accommodation services, entertainment locations and other reviewed hotspots, which all came with handy descriptions, photos and exactly how far away they were.

The best part about the App is the fact you can view locations in other cities around Australia to plan a holiday around, or just read up on the local history of the area.

I am the type to not plan everything before I get to a location, so the Australia: Where to Go App will come in very handy.

Available from the Apple iTunes Store.

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