Information highway

The Australian Government has announced it’s decision on the tenders to build the new national high-speed-fibre-optic broadband network and controversially, has rejected all bids. The government will now plan and build the network itself.

Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, said the government would invite private companies to join up with a private-public firm to build the network and the government would sell its majority stake after five years of the network being fully operational.

What is so controversial about this proposal you may ask? Tendering processes involve a large range of detail in proposals and it is likely that the Government will be using a vast array of information they have gathered from the process, created by the largest and brightest phone companies throughout Australia.

On a positive note, all of the tendered companies will have a chance to be a part from the process and 37,000 jobs are expected to be supported with the implementation of this infrastructure.

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