Best iPhone and iPad cases

Ryan reviews the best cases to keep your smart device intact and operational and also looks at cases with built-in keyboards. Find the perfect case for your device.

Waterproof and drop proof

Founded in 2009 by Australian businessman Gary Rayner, LifeProof cases have quickly become a favourite of clumsy phone owners. LifeProof cases are able to survive two metre drops unscathed (1.2 metres for iPad), and are also waterproof up to two metres for up to half an hour. Despite all this protection, they’re surprisingly thin and don’t add much weight to your phone.

Having owned one of these cases myself, I can attest to their durability. My phone has survived countless drops without any damage, including one treacherous dip into a pool.

Available for iPhone models from 4 and up (with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus coming soon), iPad and Samsung Galaxy.

Prices start at around $80, visit the LifeProof website for more information or to order.

Keyboard cases

Lots of people are now replacing their laptops or desktops with tablets, or even with smartphones. But when it comes down to it, you just can’t beat that satisfying feeling of a physical keyboard, and typing out long messages can become frustrating with a touchscreen keyboard. Luckily you don’t need to sacrifice your devices portability to have a physical keyboard, as many cases are available with one built in.

Our favourite iPad keyboard case is the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, because it doesn’t add too much bulk to your device and it’s the most affordable option from a reliable brand. The keyboard case also functions as a stand, and will last approximately six months on a single charge.

Available from JBHiFi for $49 for the iPad 2, or iPad Air and $62 for the iPad Mini

For iPhone, Boxwave’s Keyboard Buddy is the winner, with a full backlit QWERTY keyboard, which connects with Bluetooth.

Available for iPhone 4 or 5 for US$79.95. 


Looking for a more unique option for your phone or tablet case? While they might not always offer much in the way of protection, the custom and handmade cases available at Etsy will help you make your device unique and recognisable. To look for cases on Etsy, simply go to their website and search for: ‘name of your phone or tablet’ cases.

Some of Etsy’s best include cases with real flowers encased in resin, hand stitched leather phone wallets, and hand crocheted cases which, if you like a more DIY approach, you may be able to purchase patterns for and make yourself.  

Please note prices may have changed since publication date 1 October 2014.

Written by ryanbo