Broadband deals

With broadband, ADSL, Dial-up and cable plans, there are many internet connection options on the market at the moment.
As technology evolves, so should your internet plan. Two years ago paying $60 for 10 gigabytes of downloads would have been acceptable, but the landscape of surfing the internet has changed. If you don’t ensure your internet plan is current with today’s technology, you may already be paying too much.

The best way to find out which plan suits your needs is to stay informed. If you key your monthly usage into the Bigpond usage calculator, it will offer data which will help you customise an internet plan which is compatible with your usage.

Find out how much data you really need, check out this week’s reader Q and A.
For those without the time and inclination to visit the above ‘usage meter’ site, here is a simple question. Do you watch or download video on the internet? If your answer is no, then any plan between five and ten gigabytes is perfectly suitable. However, if you are well versed in YouTube, use Skype, send large email attachments, download movies from iTunes, stream live sports games from websites or similar, anything less than 10 gigabytes will lead to the dreaded ‘capping’ of your internet speed, or the even more unpleasant over the limit charges.

Here are some great deals suitable for broadband users.

iiNet –

ADSL+2 – 20 gigabytes of downloads per month (10 gig on peak, 10 off peak)

$29.95 per month


Unlimited downloads, Download speeds of 1.5Mbps

$49.95 per month

Telstra –

ADSL+2 – Bigpond Elite Liberty – 50 gigabytes of downloads per month

$49.95 per month