Checking in with your smartphone

Air travel doesn’t have to mean long queues or rummaging through pockets for paperwork. Say goodbye to boarding passes: if you have a Smartphone, you can check in ahead of time, long before you even reach the airport.

If you have the time, printing your boarding pass at home only takes a few minutes. But if you are short of time, do not have a printer, or are (like me) prone to leaving tickets on the kitchen bench, accessing your boarding pass via your smartphone is a lifesaver.

So how is it done?

Step 1:

You can check in to your flight up to 24 hours before your plane leaves. To do this, visit your airline’s website using your computer or mobile phone.

Step 2:

Once you have followed the steps to log on, you are presented with two options: to print a paper boarding pass, or send a mobile boarding pass to your phone. You can do both if you like. But for now, just choose a mobile boarding pass.

Step 3:

A few minutes after requesting a mobile boarding pass, your airline will send you an SMS to your mobile phone featuring a URL link.

Step 4:

Click on the URL link and your boarding pass will pop up on screen, featuring your flight details and the barcode that needs to be scanned at the gate.

Step 5:

It is important to get into a habit of saving the barcode shown on screen as an image stored on your phone. This is just in case you do not have strong internet access.

Some notes worth considering:

  • You are unlikely to need the paper boarding pass but having a security blanket is always reassuring if you are new to mobile check in.
  • You can never be sure that you will receive internet wherever you go. A back up paper copy can also come in handy if your internet does not respond in the airport or if you know you will be travelling in a remote area.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and have your barcode ready to be displayed at check in.

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