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This week, YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Robin, is looking to install windows live messenger to chat to her friends, but is worried that it may conflict with Skype and other communication programs.

Q. Hi Drew

I prefer to use Google Chrome, and I also use Google Talk and Skype. Most of my friends are also using Google Talk.
However, I have some friends who use only Windows Live Messenger, which I have not loaded.
Would there be any conflict if I also load Messenger?
I have looked through your notes about Messenger, but this seems not to be covered.

Thanks for your help.

A. Hi Robin,

Instant messaging services such as Windows Live, Skype and Google Talk have no conflict issues. You can run all of them at the same time on your computer. I would always suggest you click the “Load on startup” option off if you can find it, as this can cause your computer on startup to run extremely slow.

Drew Patchell

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