Computer infection quick fix

A commercial site hijacking his computer searches is driving YOURLifeChoices member Ivan nuts. Drew has a quick fix to banish this infection. 

Q. I am having a lot of trouble with hijacking. Nearly every time I click on a website lately it is hijacked on to a commercial advertising site. It is becoming so bad that I can hardly click on to any desired site. How do I overcome this problem?

A. Hi Ivan,

It sounds as though your computer has a fairly common virus that is used to generate traffic and revenue to websites around the world. The virus has measures in place that disable your ability to download programs that can detect and remove it. Follow the instructions below to remove the virus.

Using an un-infected computer visit and download Free – Trend Micro HijackThis to an usb flash drive.
Unplug your computer from the internet
Install HiJackThis on the infected computer
Run program, during which it will ask you to reconnect to the internet
The infection should now be removed

Written by Drew

Starting out as a week of work experience in 2005 while studying his Bachelor of Business at Swinburne University, Drew has never left his post and has been with the company ever since, working on the websites digital needs. Drew has a passion for all things technology which is only rivalled for his love of all things sport (watching, not playing).