Counterfeit websites could cost you

Buying online when done properly is easy and saves you money but there are many websites “cybersquatting” on the reputation of others which could cost you money.

The idea behind cybersquatting is that a business purchases a similar website name to that of a well-known company, for example, instead of The company then launches a site which is similar or identical to the Amazon website and tries to sell you the same products, which you never receive.

Another prime example is TiffanyCo. While their website is, when the .co addresses came on sale earlier this year, a unscrupulous business could have beaten them to purchasing

How to not fall foul to counterfeit websites

– Always carefully read the website domain you are visiting

– When purchasing a product or logging into an account on a well-known popular site, look in the address bar for the ‘S’ standing for security in https://. This means the website is secure and you should have the golden padlock at the bottom right of your screen

– If a website is a counterfeit, chances are their phone service will not call through. Take the 30 seconds to make a call and confirm the price on a purchase, especially if it sounds too good to be true.

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