Creating the smart home

Many assisted living technologies are coming on to the market in the US and are readily available to aid caregivers and those wishing to age-in-place.

imageWhilst this technology is readily available in the US, it’s only a matter of time before these top three gadgets hit homes across Australia.

Telikin touch screen computer
· enables those with limited dexterity to keep in touch with family and friends.
· simple one touch functions allows access to video chat, web browsing, email, calendar and photo sharing
· removes barriers to using a computer which makes health programs more accessible
· built on a Linux platform, eliminates 95% of all viruses which affect a windows based system
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Tabsafe medication management system
· stores and releases medication on a set schedule
· alerts caregiver if medication isn’t taken
· communicates electronically with patient, family, caregivers, physician, and pharmacist
· web-accessible reports allow for the management of adherence to the medication regimen via any web browsing device
· vitals such as blood pressure and blood sugar can be monitored
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imageSonamba wellbeing monitor
· monitors movement within the home via sonic and motion sensors
· gives audible as well as visual reminders of medication and appointments
· one touch emergency call button
· can send text messages to any mobile number
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