Developer outsources own job to China

One of the top performing software developers for the telecommunications company Verizon in the United States has been fired after the company found he had outsourced his job to a team in China while he was surfing the web all day.

For me, this is definitely one of the best news stories of the year. The unnamed ex-employee of Verizon who outsourced his job to a team of software developers in China for was paying them less than one-fifth of his six figure salary and his performance reviews noted he was the top performing developer in the building. He was only found out when Verizon installed a monitoring system which spotted the Chinese IP address logged into their system.

A review of the employee’s web history revealed his typical work day entailed briefing the Chinese firm, followed by visiting websites such as eBay, Facebook, LinkedIn and watching cat videos.

If I worked for Verizon, my first instinct would be to hire the Chinese firm to continue the employee’s work, but chances are, Verizon has removed the firm from the equation and has not learnt anything from the experience.

Is this type of outsourcing innovative? Was the employee irresponsible and a fraudster or simply a brilliant manager who should have been promoted to make changes to the company structure?

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