Digital switchover assistance

In anticipation of the switchover to digital television, YOURLifeChoices subscriber Terry is ready to install a set top box but wants to know if there is any help with the cost.

Q. Terry
Could you tell me if Centrelink have a scheme for pensioners to obtain free of charge a TV set top box.

The Australian Government has introduced the Household Assistance Scheme to help those eligible to get ready for digital television. This package will include:
· a high definition set top box
· installation of the set top box
· instructions on how to use it
· any necessary upgrades to cabling and antenna systems

The package is free of charge, will be delivered by an approved government contractor and is limited to one per couple.

You may be eligible for help if:
you live in a household where you or your partner is receiving the maximum rate of one of the following payments:
· Age Pension
· Disability Support Pension
· Carer Payment
· Department of Veterans’ Affairs Service Pension, or Department of Veterans Affairs Income Support Supplement and;
· you own a functioning TV
· you do not already have access to digital TV on any of the TVs that you own
· you live in a TV license area that is currently switching to digital TV

For more information on the Household Assistance Scheme, call Centrelink on 1800 55 64 43 or click the link to the Centrelink website.

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