Do I still need a landline?

It all depends on how much you use your phone. The 21st century has seen people move away from landline telephones as their primary source of communication. With the influx of email, Facebook, Skype, and the reduction in prices of mobile phone calls, the home phone is beginning to look slightly archaic and expensive.

The costly nature of line rental and the unreliable nature of some cordless home phones, which free up the need to have fixed cord phones, have forced many people to find solace in other means of communication, however, the humble home phone should not be discounted.

It still serves a purpose, but with phone companies racing to keep up with the cheaper or free alternatives offered by their online and mobile counterparts, the latest home phone plan which is making the landline relevant again is the new ‘budget‘ plan being offered by many of Australia’s major telco companies.

The companies offer plans which are priced anywhere from $5 to $15 cheaper per month than standard phone plans. These budget plans are perfect for a landline which receives few calls, dials out even fewer, and is generally in the house due to force of habit. If you make more than three or four calls a night, for extended amounts of time, then perhaps the budget plan isn’t for you. But for those who have embraced all modes of communication and are looking to save a few dollars, a budget plan may be the right choice.

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