E-Book readers – Save $100s a year

If you love books but are struggling with the high prices of paperback novels, a one-off investment in the Amazon Kindle could save any avid reader $100s a year.

The Kindle Wi-Fi has a six-inch screen and is designed to simulate reading from an average-sized paperback. A highlight, as is the case with all the reviewed E-Book readers, is the ‘linear’ way you read the single pages of the eBooks.

This device stores up to 3500 eBooks, meaning you will rarely need to go to the library and is prefect for travel. There is a large amount of titles available for download at the online Kindle store. It has an amazing month-long battery life if wireless is switched off. Put simply, if you want value for money, at $139.99, the Kindle is for you.

Using Geraldine Brooks latest book, Caleb’s Crossing as an example, the RRP you would be paying for a paperback version in store is $32.99. On the Kindle, you would be paying less than $15 with the Aussie dollar being so high. That is a saving of over $18 for the book. If this was the case across all of the books you purchase, your Kindle will have paid for itself after only ten books.

The Kindle Wi-Fi can be purchased online from www.amazon.com.

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