Facebook makes privacy changes

Facebook’s most recent changes in privacy settings have, unexpectedly, made it easier to remain private on the social networking website. 

Facebook seems to update its privacy settings every other month, making it harder and harder to stay private on the website. However, its most recent update has gone against tradition and, instead, introduced a new feature which allows you to control how much of your personal information third party apps can access. This means that when you log into an app or website with your Facebook account (rather than creating a dedicated account), you can limit how much information this app will know about you.

The apps will retain their ability to see your age and gender, but can now be denied access to your birthday, email address or pages which you have liked on your Facebook account. This new feature is a win-win for both those who dislike divulging personal details online and those who prefer personalised content.

This new feature is accompanied by another change to privacy settings that Facebook has made. Posts that you make on the website have previously been, by default, visible to anyone that wants to see them. To change this setting, users had to navigate to the security section of the website, a relatively simple thing to do, but something of which many users were not aware. Facebook is now making the default setting for wall posts to ‘share with friends only’.

In reference to this change, Facebook has stated that “We recognize that it is much worse for someone to accidentally share with everyone when they actually meant to share just with friends, compared with the reverse.”

While this is a positive step that Facebook is taking to protect its users and their privacy, it isn’t being applied retroactively, only new users will have their default settings set to ‘share with friends only’.

If you haven’t changed your privacy settings or you’re not sure what your’s are currently set to, click here to find out how to change them.
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Written by ryanbo