Five common iPad issues solved

Frozen screen

If your iPad freezes and won’t respond to your touch, an app has most likely crashed. Here’s how you can fix it: 

Firstly try to restart the device by holding in the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the device, until you’re given the option to slide the bar across the screen to turn off the device, and then turn it back on. 

If this doesn’t work, then you can reset your iPad. To do this, hold in the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for 10 seconds, if the Apple logo appears then your iPad has been reset. 

If neither of these work, your last resort is to plug the iPad into your computer and use iTunes to “Restore your iPad”. But this should only be done as a last resort as all of your data will be deleted and replaced with your most recent back up, if it’s available. 

Home button not responding

This problem can cause a lot of trouble, as without the home button you can’t easily exit apps. There is a setting which can fix this called AssistiveTouch. To turn it on, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch. Once turned on, you should notice a white circle in a grey square which, when tapped, will allow you to access the home button among other features. 

iPad running slow

If your iPad is feeling a little sluggish, you might want to close the apps that you have running in the background. To do this, double-tap the Home button and hold your finger on one of the apps which appears at the bottom of the screen until it starts jiggling. Then tap the minus button on each of the apps, to close them. If you had to close a lot of apps, this will likely speed your device up. If the problem persists you can reset your device.

iPad won’t charge

If you plug in your iPad and it’s not charging, there are a few things which you can check:

  • Is the cord securely plugged in at both ends?
  • If you’re charging on a computer, is it an older model? Some older computers can’t supply enough power to iPads to charge them.
  • If your problem is still persisting, try a different charger or cord as well as resetting your device.
  • If this hasn’t fixed it, the problem is likely a hardware issue and you should contact Apple.

App crashing

If an app is crashing, you can try to reset your iPad. If it doesn’t reset, it’s possible that the app is out of date and no longer compatible. Open the App Store and go to the Updates tab, from here you can see which apps are out of date and update them. If the problem persists, you can go to the app’s page on the App Store and see if other people are having the same problem and if they have found a way around it. If, after all this, your app is still crashing, try removing the app from your phone, then re-downloading and installing it.

Written by ryanbo