Free Anti-Virus Software for Apple Mac

Contrary to popular opinion, Apple Macs are susceptible to many of the same viruses which infect PCs. Whilst the Mac is vastly better at protection from viruses, anti-virus software is still advisable. So which should you choose?

Q. Doreen
Hello, can you please tell me which anti-virus software is best for my Apple Mac computer?

A. Hi Doreen, Drew here,
You are quite right to seek an anti-virus program for your computer. Macs are great at anti-virus protection anyway, but with the right kind of free anti-virus software, your Mac will be safe from harm.

The best software available is iAntivirus by PC Tools. The software is unobtrusive, and lets the Mac’s natural firewall and virus protection run its course, while providing a backup barrier for your computer. It provides protection from share files infected with Windows-based malware and all other harmful files. To download click YOURLifeChoices simple shortcut.

One of the most popular names in Anti-Virus, ‘Avast!’, have a similar free program, which has a user friendly interface and is incredibly easy to use. It is slightly more obtrusive on the Mac’s operating system, but provides the same level of protection for your computer. To download, click here .

Finally, we have ClamXav, the most limited scanner. If you feel that the Mac’s protection is enough, and are reluctant to download obtrusive anti-virus software, then ClamXav is for you. However, my recommendations are to try the first two, and if you are unhappy with their presence, then try ClamXav by downloading here.