Gmail users MUST opt out

Any Google+ user can email your Gmail account if you don’t opt out of this feature.

Gmail users MUST opt out

Last Friday Google launched its latest feature which allows any Gmail user with a Google+ account to send emails to any person (without actually knowing their email address) they have circled (friended) on Google+, who also has a Gmail account.

When a Gmail user starts to type in the name of the contact they are wanting to email, they will receive suggestions based on previous email contacts and also Google+ connections, as long as the person remains opted in to receiving emails via this method.

Google+ has included four different privacy options for this service and following in the footsteps of Facebook, set the default to be ‘Anyone on Google+’; the most invasive privacy setting of the lot. 

How to opt out

Login to your Gmail account.

Click on the cog symbol located on the top right-hand-side of your screen and click 'Settings' from the drop down menu.

Click on the 'General' tab if it isn't already selected and scroll down until you find 'Email via Google+'.

You will notice this is currently set to 'Anyone on Google+'. My recommendation is to switch this to 'No One'. Select this option from the drop down menu and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save Changes'.

Now that you have opted out, don't forget to share this information with your friends.


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    23rd Jan 2014
    I just looked up my Gmail account and can't find 'Email via Google+' anywhere in GENERAL
    16th May 2018
    Same here. There is NO such thing on the Settings anyway. What are they talking about?
    23rd Jan 2014
    Thanks Drew!
    Auction Girl
    23rd Jan 2014
    Can't find "Email via Googld+" either on my account.
    23rd Jan 2014
    Google have mentioned that they are rolling the feature out, so some of you may me missing the feature. Alternatively, you may not have opted into opening a Google+ account yet which I believe is needed. If you are, I suggest checking for the feature next week! It was activated in mine when I checked yesterday, but not last Friday when they launched it.
    23rd Jan 2014
    It was activated in mine too.
    Sandi (SA)
    23rd Jan 2014
    Thanks for that Drew. I altered a few other bits while there too.
    23rd Jan 2014
    THANK YOU Drew, this was excellent advice and I was able to find it easily and rectify exactly as you said. Thanks again!
    23rd Jan 2014
    Thanks Drew - excellent tip. I had no idea about this.

    25th Jan 2014
    the instructions don't work for me either.
    16th May 2018
    I am sick of this message box popping up "Add This" or Recommended for you. How do I get rid of it?
    16th May 2018
    On another subject, I just noticed a picture of a black hearing aid. I wouldn't wear that colour, too obvious and I prefer the skin tone. If my hair was covering it, I might consider it but the stupid hairdressers always cut ABOVE my ear when I ask to "cover ears". They simply go mad at cutting!

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