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The Google Art Project is an initiative which allows you to take a virtual tour of 32,000 artworks in 46 of the world’s most famous art galleries and museums. Much like street view in Google Maps, you can ‘walk’ through the hallways of these art galleries to see the artworks in context. Clicking on an artwork will allow you to view it close up – you can zoom in or out to see the details or the whole work on your screen – and you will also be able to read additional information about the artwork provided by the gallery or museum where it is housed.

The Google Art Project is still being put together, so some functions (such as being able to take a virtual ‘walk’ through the hallways of the galleries) are not yet complete for all collections, however all of the artworks have been uploaded to the website. If you wish to use these functions keep checking back, as they will be available in the near future.

The Google Art Project allows you to browse by collection, artist or artwork name, or if you wish to see a specific artwork you can use the search function to find it. Each gallery has also agreed to have one artwork scanned as a ‘gigapixel’ image, so that you can zoom in close enough to see each individual brushstroke. This is usually one of the most famous works from each gallery or museum, such as Van Gough’s Starry night in the MoMA or Botticelli’s The birth of Venus in the Uffizi.

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Visit the Google Art Project and take a virtual art tour. 

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