Google redefines email

Google’s new email app, Inbox, aims to redefine email applications.

Google redefines email

Google is giving the Gmail app a major makeover with its newest app, Inbox. Inbox seeks to change the way in which your emails are organised.

Inbox categorises every email which you receive, either as an important message which warrants space in your inbox, or as less-important messages that can be lumped in with other similar messages. This new app, takes a novel approach with more labels, which aim to help you to remove the clutter from your email.

Inbox is visually appealing and is full of features which allow you to completely tailor your email application to your habits and personal requirements. Here are a few of the powerful new features of Inbox:

New interface

The app's design is clean and simple. Your messages still appear in chronological order. At the bottom of the screen, there's a new simple compose button.


If you get a mixture of personal messages, promotional emails, account updates and social alerts each day, Google is smart enough to recognize these emails and put them into corresponding tabs in the inbox.

Inbox goes a step further and puts similar emails into a bundle, or a themed label. This feature has been designed to cut down on the clutter, by keeping less-important messages grouped together, so that they won’t get in the way of your more important emails.

There are eight pre-defined bundles in Inbox, but you can also create your own bundle by giving it a name and selecting what kind of messages you want included in that bundle. You can then use bundles to organise your messages and control which emails show up in your inbox.

Swipe feature

Inbox employs easy-to-use gestures to help you to manage your mail. You can swipe right to mark a message as done, or swipe left to snooze it, or you can tap and hold for batch control or editing. Inbox is incredibly straightforward to operate when compared to other gesture-based email apps.

Snooze function

The ‘Snooze’ feature hides away a message in your ‘Snoozed’ inbox and then puts in back in your main inbox when you want to deal with it.


It’s easy to create new reminders with Inbox, you simply tap the compose reminder button. The suggestion feature is also clever – it can pull in phone numbers from your contacts, suggest reminders from your email, or even find a nearby restaurant or movie theatre.

Inbox by Gmail has a heap of fantastic features which have introduced new ways of thinking about organising and dealing with your emails. You have the freedom to individually classify every single message, or let them all flow into a single inbox. You can even control when emails show up in your inbox.

We’ve only seen a little of what Inbox is capable of, but it already seems to be a highly like an impressive and powerful app.

Google Inbox is operating on an invite-only basis for the moment, but if you’d like to be one of the first to experience this new app, email Google at to request an invitation.



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    5th Nov 2014
    Oh dear not another dinky little idea, for goodness sake leave the programmes alone, some one is changing some thing every bloody week. It wasn't broken
    8th Oct 2016
    It it ain't broke, don't FIX it! Happy with the way it is now and I'm sick of trying to relearn all over again. First Hotmail, then Yahoo and now Gmail! I feel like giving it up altogether!

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