Google’s new self-driving car

This charming little car, which looks more like a toy or a futuristic golf cart, is actually Google’s new self-driving car prototype. 

For some time, Google has been rigging cars with their self-driving technology and letting them roam around a few states in America that have allowed the testing of autonomous cars on public roads, whilst capturing photos for Streetview. The big change with this new prototype is that it is designed and made by Google to be 100 per cent driverless, meaning that there is no steering wheel or brake pedals inside the vehicle.

This means that there is no way for a passenger to take control of the vehicle, but is this a bad thing? While this might sound preposterous and unsafe, these vehicles have been driving around America for some time and have only been involved in two small incidents, both of which were cause by a human driving, not the autonomous technology.

Google’s driverless cars have collectively driven over one million kilometres in America and have caused no accidents, an amazing figure, especially when compared to the average amount of accidents 

The distance a person drives in a year varies greatly, but is generally quoted to be in the neighbourhood of 20,000 kilometres. This means that Google’s driverless cars have already driven the equivalent of a person driving for 50 years, and have caused no accidents.

The technology in these vehicles is currently incredibly expensive but Google are still planning to put 100 of these new prototypes on the roads of America in the coming months.

How do you feel about these new vehicles? Would you welcome the decrease in the road toll or do you feel that it just opens up another door for cyber attacks?