Helping you help your parents

These are the top five websites which will enable you to find relevant and useful information to assist you in understanding and caring for your parents.

Especially for seniors
The internet is full of information but sometimes it’s hard to verify the source or know if it applies to you in your country. The Australian Government’s official Seniors website is a great place to visit for accurate and credible information for your parents in their retirement. 

Improving your understanding
As your parents get older, they will often need to spend more time at the doctor and will start telling you about conditions you might never have heard of before. The Better Health Channel is a fantastic resource for finding out more about the human body.

Having some fun
Have you ever wondered what your parents were like before you were born? If so, My Parents Were Awesome is a great website to check out. It is a celebration of what your parents did before you came along and contains an extensive gallery of images submitted by sons and daughters all over the world.

Aged care information
If you’re considering Aged Care for your parents, one of the best resources is the Aged Care Australia website. This is the Australian Government’s official website on the subject and is full of useful material. It is easy to navigate and covers an impressively broad range of topics.

You’re not alone
Caring for your parents can be both physically and mentally challenging. Thankfully there is support available and the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres are a great place to discover where to find this assistance. 

Written by Debbie McTaggart