Hotmail changes

Hotmail is changing its name from Hotmail to Outlook and has redesigned the website.

Hotmail changes name to outlook and new design

The most used online email service in the world, Hotmail, has undergone its first major revamp in eight years and will receive a name change. Drew explains why this has happened and how the changes will affect your emailing experience.

If you have been a long term Hotmail user, you will have noticed that the layout of the Hotmail website has not changed in over eight years. The new changes to the Hotmail interface are a direct reaction to Hotmail’s gradual loss of market share to the also free Google Gmail product. Hotmail has taken the successful parts of the Gmail product and implemented them into its system with a few tweaks along the way.

Hotmail is also changing its name from Hotmail to Outlook with the website already available for users to log in. The Outlook name has a lot of goodwill attached to it due to its Microsoft Outlook package products. This doesn’t surprise me as I currently view emails from a Gmail account as more professional than a Hotmail account which is usually only ever used as a private email account, a stigma I suspect Microsoft is trying to break.

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    7th Aug 2012
    I thought I`d have a look at the new Outlook but didn`t like it so went back to my Inbox to read my next email only to find by looking at it, it has changed me to this new way. No asking if I wanted to change nothing at all it`s just changed me. Please how do I get my old Hotmail easy to read and use system back.
    7th Aug 2012
    Hi Tathra,

    At the upper right of the Hotmail window, select “Switch back to Hotmail” from the options menu (this menu is marked with an icon that looks like a gear). It will be the bottom option.

    7th Aug 2012
    Thank you Drew I`ve changed back and I`m very happy once more. I know I should go with the flow and change but........
    7th Aug 2012
    Sadly, they will eventually force everyone over to the new interface (just like what Facebook did with their Timeline update).. but until then... enjoy the current format as there is no exact time frame.
    7th Aug 2012
    I have two emails addresses, one with Hotmail for family and friends and the other is Gmail which I use for subscriptions, purchasing etc. I absolutely hate the linking together of conversations in Gmail so I am very unhappy that Hotmail is going that way. I can find things very easily on Hotmail including my contacts.
    7th Aug 2012
    Why, oh why, do these bleeders have to keep changing everything, just when we get used to running our--YES, OUR-- computers one way and become confident on their use. We are the customers so we should be pandered to, not told what we WILL have to change to or have to learn how to use another system just because some techno-turd says we must!! I'm sorry I ever bought this bloody computer. It has a lot of good uses, but I'm sick of learning how to work one system then along comes damned up-dates and changes everything. I can't even down-load photos from my camera now. My computer won't let me!!! So, so frustrating. At my age I don't need this bother. A lot of people probably find it very easy to use a computer. I wish I could. I'm not stupid, I can strip and rebuild a car engine, but sometimes I could throw this box of tricks out the window! Will have to go see my Son and ask him for help.
    8th Aug 2012
    This is what I hate too. I learn one way and then it seems 6 months later I have to unlearn that and learn a new way. When young I use to think "oldies" were grizzling for the sake of it, ah the innocence of my youth (!!!), but it really is harder as we age to learn and unlearn stuff. Well it is for this "oldie" at least! I also hate the idea that we are told we have to change, not do you want to or anything just change or go without.
    9th Feb 2013
    hotmail might be the most used but its lets 90% of the spam and other crap in and there control system to stop crap is useless and there front page screen is crap as well , so it is about time Microsoft put there finger out there but and started to improve these things
    2nd Mar 2013
    I'm a long term user of Gmail.I've always found it OK ,but there's a few things that could be improved on! Was interested in the new Outlook, I've downloaded it and have all my Gmails
    transferred to it..Including my Contact list! I can't get a handle on "My Contacts" I can't find a list of them to allow me to Add-Edit or Delete? When I forward an Email, the TO-CC-Bcc, which
    ever I Click on, a few names drop down to choose from. If the address I want isn't there, the fun starts. If I get Lucky ,I type what I think is the first letter of the address, a few more
    drop down. Perhaps the one I want will be there. OR try again!!
    Except for this problem. I like it more than Gmail..
    Rgds Casper..
    P.S. Hope Drew picks up on this!

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