How much will bundling save me?

There are many crazes in the world of technology and communication. This year’s craze is bundling, and thankfully, it’s a good one, as it is easing the squeeze on consumers everywhere.

Essentially, with bundling, Telco’s compile all of your communication devices, your home phone, your mobile, your Internet and your pay TV on to the one bill. The more items you have with the company the more you will probbaly save.

Taking the latest Telstra offer as an example, if you had a Standard Home Phone at $27.95, a Standard Broadband Internet Plan at $50.90 and a Standard Mobile Cap at $49, you would be paying $127.85 on four separate bills, plus four separate billing fees. Telstra offer a bundle with all of the above, however with a few perks such as a 100 gigabyte broadband usage plan (well above the standard broadband plan) and a Telstra Budget Home phone plan. The bundle price is $88 per month for the lot, saving you $39.85 a month. You can also add full Foxtel IQ for $100 a month

With Optus and many of the other telecommunication companies also offering bundles, now is the time to save!