Improve smartphone battery charge

The battery charge of smartphones is surprisingly short when you run unnecessary features. Webmaster Drew explains how to make the charge on your smartphone battery last significantly longer.

Switch features off

Whether you are sporting a brand new iPhone 4, HTC Desire or Blackberry Storm or still using an iPhone 3, there are a number of features across all of these devices which are draining significant portions of your power and potentially your mobile credit.

Data Roaming

Smartphones use a large amount of power when Data Roaming is enabled. While you may enjoy the convenience of receiving emails as they come into your inbox, you are cutting the battery life of your phone in half, meaning you will need to recharge smartphone daily. If you do not like the sound of turning data roaming off, then it’s easy to use car chargers which are available for purchase in Apple and electronic stores.


Another feature which drains a large amount of power is the Wi-Fi function. When this function is enabled, the phone is constantly attempting to find nearby Wi-Fi connections, even if you do not want to connect to a network.


The Bluetooth function comes in handy when driving. A large portion of newer model cars come with built-in Bluetooth integration. This allows for your phone conversations to be played over the car speakers for hands-free conversations without the need for messy wiring. If you do not have a bluetooth-integration in your car, you will have little or no need for this function and can save some power by turning this function off.


A clear loud ringtone can be heard, any time, anywhere, so why persist with leaving vibrate on? Vibrate mode uses large amounts of your battery power every time you receive a call so switch the vibrate off when in ‘general’ mode (you will want to keep it on when in silent mode).


Voice connections use between two and four times less battery power than data connections so it may be worth considering putting the phone to your ear and making a phone call instead of sending an email.