Internet for Nomads

YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Sally, wants to know her internet options for when she takes to the road in her camper trailer.

Q. What is the best way to have internet access while travelling around Australia by camper trailer?

A. Sally,

There are many ways to get internet while travelling around Australia depending on the amount of coverage you wish to receive and your budget.

The first and most expensive option is to install a satellite internet connection. While it is not the most cost-effective option, you would have consistent coverage for your computer, giving you 100 per cent access to the outside world as well as access to 100 separate television channels. It would be like you never left home!
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The second option is to purchase a wireless dongle. The two most consistent providers of coverage with these items are Telstra and Optus. The dongle simply plugs into your laptop, giving you instant access to the internet. While it is far cheaper than satellite internet, it cannot always be relied upon for fast connection or access in remote areas.

You can find out more information from Telstra or Optus.

The third option is free wireless internet. The main location around Australia that can be relied upon is McDonald’s restaurants. With nearly 750 stores around Australia, you’re sure to run into one sooner or later. So call in, grab a coffee, and eat up some free internet from McDonalds!