Internet Safety

We have all made the mistake of typing the wrong word into Google and getting an undesired search. Webmaster, Drew, explains how to fix this problem in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

How to make a safe site and block bad websites

Internet Explorer

1. Load your Internet explorer

2. Click Tools

3. Click Internet Options

4. Click the Privacy tab

5. Under the Privacy window, Click Sites

6. Type in the site address that you want to block and click Block.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Load your Mozilla Firefox

2. Visit:

3. Click Continue to Download

4. Read the “End user agreement” then click Accept and Install

5. A window will now popup. Click Install now.

6. Close down Firefox and reopen

7. FoxFilter is now installed. Click Tools

8. Click FoxFilter Settings

9. You will be taken to the “Register now” page. Ignore this. Look for the Tabs above this page called ‘Register, General, Blocked etc’.

10. You can now click on the different tabs and change your filtering options

How to block or “safe list” an email sender

Whether you are looking to add the YOURLifeChoices newsletter or a relative’s email to your safe senders list, Webmaster, Drew, shows you how to add them in five different email systems. He also shows you how to block a sender.

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