iOS 8 revealed

Apple has just announced its new iPhone and iPad operating system at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The new operating system will be released in spring of this year, alongside the new Mac OSX 10 Yosemite, and most likely new models of iPhones and iPads. The new iOS 8 is packed with plenty of new features – here’s a list of the most exciting ones.

Apple Health
A new fitness app on the will be able to monitor your sleeping habits and the number of calories you burn throughout the day, performing the basic functions of a fitness band. The app will also be able to sync data with third-party apps, allowing you to use Health with other brands’ fitness bands if you don’t want to have your iPhone or iPad with you 24/7, which is particularly practical if you’re an iPad user.

The iPhone and iPad’s photo editing app can now adjust light, shadows, brightness and contrast. Taking photos on smartphones can be problematic in areas with bright and dark areas, to fix this, the camera will now allow you to adjust focus and exposure manually.

The iPhone and iPad keyboards will be receiving a predictive feature, which will attempt to guess which word you will type next to save you typing it out. Third-party keyboards will also now be able to replace Apple’s stock keyboard, a great feature if your eyes find the keyboard a little difficult to read, as there will be dozens of new keyboards to choose from shortly after iOS 8 lands.

Connection to other Apple devices
People who use a combination of Apple devices will now be able to enjoy an improved synergy between them. The cross device features being introduced allow you to send text messages from your Mac or iPad, or even use your Mac as a speakerphone when your iPhone receives a phone call. Another feature called Handoff will allow you to work on something on more than one device. For example, if you’re half way through writing a long email response to a friend on your Mac and have to head off somewhere, you can simply ‘Handoff’ the email to your iPhone or iPad and continue typing it on the go.

Battery life
iOS 8 will now include a feature which allows you to find out which apps are using your battery life, which can help users who are suffering from chronic short battery life syndrome to diagnose and solve the problem. Macs will also be receiving new improvements, which, when watching videos online, can save up to two hours of battery life.

Written by ryanbo