iOS 9 slow on older devices

Users are reporting that their Apple devices are running significantly slower on the new iOS 9 compared to previous software versions.

A small delay in functionality is always to be expected when running a newer and more complicated software on an older device, but many users have been experiencing significant lag on their devices since upgrading to iOS 9.

The iPhone 4S is the oldest iPhone compatible with the new software, and this side by side comparison in the video will show just how much the device has been affected by the update.

As you can see in the video, almost all of the operations performed on the phone were slower on the new software – some by a millisecond or two, others by multiple seconds.

A poll conducted on 9to5mac with close to 40,000 votes found that nearly 40 per cent of users believe their device is significantly slower after the update, while around 30 per cent have found it only a little bit slower. Seventeen per cent of users believe their device is about the same, while 14 per cent have found theirs to be faster.

Unfortunately, this poll doesn’t take into account which model of iPhone the participants are using and the speed reported by users is subjective.

Has your device been sluggish since you upgraded? Do you feel that it’s a small price to pay for new features and improved security?

If your iPhone is feeling particularly slow, has some tips to try to help you improve your devices speed. 

Written by ryanbo