iOS 9’s potentially costly feature

If your iPhone is running iOS 9, there’s one sneaky feature that you should switch off.

iOS 9’s potentially costly feature

If you’ve updated the software on your iPhone and are now running iOS 9, there’s one sneaky feature that you should consider switching off.

‘Wi-Fi Assist’ is a handy feature of Apple’s new operating system but only if you’re not likely to go over your data each month. Turned on by default, Wi-fi Assist automatically switches between wifi and cellular data, depending on which one is giving you the strongest signal.

Great you might think, you’ll never have to experience the annoying little holding circle again. However, if you’re on a limited data plan, you could end up paying more than you bargained to have the convenience. By automatically switching to cellular data, you may not be aware that your data allowance is being eaten away, until you receive a bill.

To save yourself from bill shock, the simple solution is to switch it off. To do so, go to the ‘Settings’ app and select ‘Mobile’. Next, scroll down past all your listed apps and there you will find the Wi-Fi Assist tab. Simply swipe the bar to off and you will now be in control of when and where you use your cellular data.


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    29th Sep 2015
    Same on Android
    29th Sep 2015
    My family have 4 Android devices and none have wi-fi usage as a default, it has to be selected.
    29th Sep 2015
    Thank you Debbie!
    29th Sep 2015
    Thanks Debbie ..... That's a big tip.
    29th Sep 2015
    Adores this apply to IPad2 as well as mobile phones ?
    29th Sep 2015
    Wow! thank you so much, gee they are so sneaky!!!! I just turned mine off. I'm not sure if this is also the reason, but my phone is relatively new and all of a sudden I need to re-charge each night, instead of every second night!!! This model is supposed to have longer battery life. Been ok until I updated, coincidence????
    29th Sep 2015
    Apple was recently described as a cult over the way it presents itself and dictates terms to cutomers. I personally have never been a fan but do have an iPod which in typical Apple style does nothing the easy way. I am currently downloading an update which so far has taken just short of two hours; I only have music on the iPod.
    Apple is a far more insidious company than Microsoft or Google yet Steve Jobs used to promote Apple as being the friendly manufacturer over MS or Google while all the time using 'slave' labour to manufacture it's product and tie customers down once they have made purchase. Each to his own, but I don't trust Apple at all.
    1st Oct 2015
    Work of the devil? Only one byte will invite the serpent. :(
    Red Rover
    29th Sep 2015
    Help! I couldn't find WiFi assist tab!
    29th Sep 2015
    Hi, I have an iPhone, Ipad & Apple laptop. I have been using the same wifi for a couple of years & mostly, I am quite happy apple anything, but, I have just up loaded iOS9 & in 5 days, I have supposedly used 50% of my mobile broadband!! Is it because I am now using iOS9?? Help!
    29th Sep 2015
    Thank you. I have switched off. Never knew, or realised this was happening
    3rd Oct 2015
    I have just updated my iphone to iOS9 and I couldnt find the WiFi Assist tab either.

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