iPhone 6 due in August

The iPhone 6’s release date has supposedly just been brought forward a month from September to August, the reason for this being Apple is fighting to take back its share of the smartphone market.
This is the first iPhone model that wasn’t worked on by Steve Jobs, so what can you expect from the new model? Here are some of the more likely features you’ll be seeing this August.

Bigger screen

Two models are expected to be released: a 4.7 inch model in August as well as high end version, similar to the current iPhone 5s, in September, with a larger screen estimated to be up to 5.6 inches across. The long awaited iPhone 6 and ‘iPhablet’ counterpart may also feature resolutions 50% greater than current models.

iOS 8

Apple’s new mobile operating system is expected to be announced in the coming weeks and a few new features are expected, including improvements to iTunes Radio compatibility, SIRI, numerous bug fixes and, perhaps most excitingly, the ability to use iCloud to store a complete backup of your iPhone.


This one may sound a little farfetched, but with Sony releasing a fully waterproof phone last year, it’s easily possible.

A new camera

The iPhone’s camera hasn’t had a major redesign since the iPhone 4S, back in 2011, so it’s long overdue for some attention. As the resolution and screen size of iPhones continue to rise, the camera is struggling to keep up.


The highly anticipated iWatch might finally be making its debut this year, and it’s expected to be fully compatible with the iPhone 6. With fitness bands being released by almost all of Apple’s competitors, they need to get their foot in the door of this new market if they want to stay relevant in the technology world.

What do you expect the new iPhone will bring? Are you excited for any rumoured features, or has a different phone caught your eye?

Written by ryanbo