iPhone 6 due in June

Drew explores all the iPhone 6 rumours and tells you which to believe.

iPhone 6 due in June
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Rumours of new features, shapes and sizes of the iPhone 6 are flying around the internet this week. What can you expect?

More durable screen

The largest issue with past models of the iPhone has been how easily the screen, made out of Gorilla Glass, scratches and breaks. Sapphire glass is the future of smartphone displays and a recent rumour suggests that Apple has been spending significant amounts of money to ensure that there is enough sapphire glass developed for the iPhone 6.

Sapphire glass is currently used on the iPhone 5S’s rear-facing camera and Touch ID Home button and is twice as durable as Gorilla Glass. It is also described as being scratch resistant. Recent job listings for the Apple Arizona factory in mid-January back up this rumour.

Likelihood: 8/10

Size increase

The hottest rumour floating around the internet right now, the iPhone 6 will be the largest iPhone yet. The current 5S model of the iPhone comes standard with a 4-inch display.  All the rumours seem to be pointing to an increase to a 4.7-inch to 5-inch display panel on the iPhone 6, with two separate sizes potentially on the cards.

However, the rumours don’t just stop there. A few websites have already been suggesting that a design change in the iPhone 6 is highly likely. This would see the removal of the home button, instead moving it to the side of the phone. This would free up a significant amount of panel space to increase the size of the display panel without having to make the iPhone 6 dimensions extensively bigger.

Apple CEO Tim Cook in early 2013 had ruled out increasing the size of the iPhone screen, but in an email in December he wrote that Apple has 'big plans" in 2014 which customers will love. Many are suggesting that this hint was indeed alluding to a size increase for the iPhone 6.

Likelihood: 9/10

Tougher exterior

Apple has exclusive rights to a material called Liquidmetal and the company is rumoured to be using this for the new iPhone 6. Liquidmetal would allow Apple to create a lighter and thinner, but tougher, case than that of the current iPhone 5 model, which is built using aluminium.

Likelihood: 6/10


Near field communication isn’t a new idea since it has been rumoured to be included in each version of the iPhone since the iPhone 4 was announced. In May of last year, Apple filed new patents in relation to features to do with near field communication. Near field communication, when introduced, will allow iPhone users to store their debit/credit card information in a secure wallet on their phone and to be able to use their phone to pay for items in store via paypass.

Likelihood: 5/10

Wireless charging

The most ‘out there’ rumour floating around is that Apple has been trialling iPhone models which include new sapphire glass displays developed with tiny solar panels inserted into the display. These solar panels would help charge the iPhone using the power of the sun.

This is by far one of the coolest rumours, but also the most unlikely. We are more likely to see a development such as this in an iPhone a few years away.

Likelihood: 1/10


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