Ma(c)king the Jump

With iPhones, iPads, and a plethora of other products on offer, as well as the rave reviews that come with Apple’s Mac computer range, it can be temping to see if the grass is really greener. But crossing over from PC to Mac isn’t that simple.

When you get a Mac, it is a whole new ball game. There are five revolutionary changes that you will have to come to grips with before you are ready to make the jump.

1. No Start Menu!

There is no start menu. You cannot search in accessories to play solitaire to pass the time, or search for other programs through this handy little anchor. While it may seem like a small thing, it most definitely takes some getting used to. On a Mac, you scroll through items in the ‘system dock’, located either bottom or side of screen, and it disappears off screen when not in use.

2. No Right Click!

That’s right! There is no need for the handy little drop down menu that you get by right clicking an item in windows. With only one mouse button, Macs’ aim is for simplicity, but it can take new users a long time to deal with the transition.

3. What in the Word?

That’s right! While most Windows PC’s come pre-loaded with Microsoft office including Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, the Mac has little in terms of word processing. This means that after outlaying upwards of 12 green notes on a computer, you could be up for a further $200 purchasing expensive Microsoft compatibility software, especially if you want to access all your old files and emails.

4. No Desktop Shortcuts!

In fact, there is no program buttons on a Mac. You cannot access, say Firefox through either your desktop shortcut or through the start menu like on a PC. Instead, the Mac installs a Firefox ‘app’, and the Firefox app is downloaded onto your ‘system dock’. This can be a challenge for many new users.

5. Different Keyboard!

Forget all those ‘Windows, Alt, and Control’ shortcuts you learnt when you were finding your feet on a PC and you found out how to switch windows, open new tabs and cut and paste. Now they will only be a source of frustration as your keyboard muscle memory constantly presses pointless buttons in your transitional phase. The Mac’s shortcut key, command, will eventually save you some time, but that is when you find out where it is!

So now you have all the information, ensure to make an informed decision when making the drastic leap from PC to Mac. If you need some more help, make sure to check out YOURLifeChoices guide to which computer you should buy, with more information on both Macs and PCs.