NBN “rushed, chaotic and inadequate”

In a new 186-page report on the National Broadband Network, former Telstra Director Bill Scales has said that the planning of the project was “rushed, chaotic and inadequate”.

He has also recommended that all public infrastructure projects worth over $1 billion should be subject to a cost-benefit analysis, with the results made public before the project starts.

What will this mean for the future of the NBN?

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who appointed Scales to lead this new report, has backed the findings and said that public cost-benefit analyses would lead to “a higher standard of professionalism and diligence.”

Stephen Conroy, who oversaw the planning of the NBN in the Rudd government, has responded on ABC Radio to the attacks on the NBN.

“Well, the Government has now spent $10 million commissioning six reports of which this is just one that are all a political attack on the National Broadband Network” 

“Why is Malcolm Turnbull spending $10 million of taxpayers’ money to attack the NBN? Because his policy is a dog.”


What do you think? Should future projects be revealed in full to the public to prevent situations like this?

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