New cyber data laws

Under new cyber data laws passed on Wednesday, Australian state and federal police will have the power to force telcos and internet service providers (ISP) to retain the internet records of suspected cyber criminals. Drew explains why this new law is a step in the right direction.

With cyber crime in Australia reaching record levels, the red tape, which has been preventing the police from doing their jobs for many years, has been reduced with the introduction of these new cyber data laws.

Currently, most telcos and ISPs store the data of users for up to one week before deleting it. Some delete it after one day. Under the previous laws, Australian state and federal police would have to gather sufficient information on a suspect to secure a warrant before the telco or ISP would start to retain the suspect’s cyber data. Due to the current storage policies, crucial evidence could be missed during this process.

Under the new laws, the police can now force the telcos and ISPs to retain the information of the suspects immediately, but cannot access the information until they have secured a warrant.

Written by Drew

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