Police trial new tech to catch texting drivers

Police trial red-light style cameras to catch out texting drivers

Police trial new tech to catch texting drivers

Victorian police are trialling world-first, red-light style cameras that can catch out drivers using their mobile phones behind the wheel. Some other states are expected to follow suit if the trial is deemed a success.

Trials have uncovered staggering numbers of Victorians talking and/or texting while driving, with 270 people detected using their phones over a five-hour period in just one lane of the Eastern Freeway in Melbourne. A further trial conducted on three lanes of CityLink found more than 1000 drivers illegally using their phones over a nine-hour period.

“We will monitor that trial and see how it looks in terms of effectiveness and if we see some benefit in it, then certainly we’ll take it to the government in the future,” said Queensland assistant commissioner Mike Keating.

A total of 226 people lost their lives on Queensland roads alone this year with one in five involving a speeding driver and one in four involving a drunk driver. Drivers distracted by their mobile phones and other handheld devices are believed to be leading contributors to road accidents. Queensland police commissioner Ian Stewart has called on all motorists to exercise caution throughout the Christmas period.

In New South Wales in 2016, more than 38,000 people were caught using their phones behind the wheel. In Victoria, 113,000 were fined between 2014 and 2016.

What do you think? Is the introduction of cameras that can photograph drivers using phones a step in the right direction? Or is this simply another revenue-raising exercise?




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    20th Dec 2017
    Beats me how the police can see into these cars with all the blacked out windows and windscreens these days...thanks to the gutless Bob Carr.
    21st Dec 2017
    You can not legally have a blacked out front windscreen
    20th Dec 2017
    yeah, bring it on. I get really annoyed when I see idiots using their phones whilst driving. Can't they do without them for 10 minutes or more . What would they do if transported to the 70s, where they wouldn't have a metallic appendage on their ear. I think there should be an Increase the fine and points.
    On the Ball
    20th Dec 2017
    My daughter was pinged when she reached into the console on her car to stop the phone ringing... Cant see how the cops knew what she was doing, but the lesson is: Turn the thing OFF before you get into the car!
    Using a "blue tooth" or similar hands-free device is JUST AS BAD. Concentration is the key, not holding something in your hand while driving.
    20th Dec 2017
    Sooner the better..raise revenue for sure but necessary to control the idiot drivers who persist in this dangerous activity..
    Not Senile Yet!
    20th Dec 2017
    That is not the Solution!
    Make all hands free devices free of GST and reward drivers for installing them!
    Encourage Insurers to give discounts for vehicles with hand free fitted!
    Penalties are NOT the only Solution!
    Other options are to encoyrage the development of a blocking device for texting on mobiles & when fitted to a vehicle upon Registration renewal give a 20% reduction for rego! Proof of device to be shown to Rego Office!
    The reason why fines are called Revenue Raising is because No Reward is offered as a counter measure to Penalty!
    Get out of the 80s and use our Technology!
    Continuous Penalties only ......just creates Rebellion!
    20th Dec 2017
    Texting is a waste of time anyway. It's far better to ring someone. Anyway, the rules regarding mobile phones are bloody ridiculous. It's no less distracting speaking to someone else in the vehicle. What next? Enforced silence while driving?
    20th Dec 2017
    Knows-a-lot your profile name is incorrect - you don't know a lot at all.
    Speaking to someone while holding a phone to your ear IS distracting - concentrating on what a person is saying through a phone is much more distracting compared to a person in the car with you.
    20th Dec 2017
    Oh yeah! The great old Australian incentive ... PENALISE THE BASTARDS; works well. NOT! This is NOT the Solution!

    As someone else on here said;

    • Make all hands-free devices free of GST and reward drivers for installing them!
    • Encourage Insurers to give discounts for vehicles with hands-free fitted!
    • Other options are to encourage the development of a blocking device for texting on mobiles & when fitted to a vehicle; upon Registration renewal give a 20% reduction for rego! Proof of device to be shown to Rego Office!

    The reason why fines are referred to as “Revenue Raising” is simply because NO REWARD is offered as a counter measure to the penalties applied!

    How about you (the powers that be) join the rest of us here in the 21st century instead of remaining in the late 1700’s, and use your God-given, common sense!

    Continuous penalising only contributes to social rebellion!!!

    Penalties are NOT the ONLY Solution! – Get it?

    20th Dec 2017
    The police parasites are finding new ways to revenue-raise - that's what it's all about! - in order to justify their pathetic existence. Police are scum, particularly the Highway Patrol.
    20th Dec 2017
    Really...you are a scumbag yourself by the sounds of it. Over 1000 people die on Australian roads each year and they are trying to reduce that number.
    Do you think they enjoy going to a crash where a person's body is sliced up and mashed into pieces. Do you think they enjoy knocking on front doors to tell a person that their loved one has died.

    The police enforce the laws, they don't write them, they don't set the penalties, they enforce the laws - the state governments make the laws and penalties. If you have a problem whinge to the government and leave the cops who are just doing their job, a job that is mostly thankless, a job that gutless people like you would never do.
    20th Dec 2017
    Why isn't there a blocking device on all cars that turns off mobile phones as soon as the engine is started? Problem solved.
    20th Dec 2017
    Because passengers would not be able to use their phone.
    21st Dec 2017
    Anyone that uses their phone whilst driving is an IDIOT and deserves to lose their licence turn the phone OFF or ignore it

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