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In previous years the main barrier which stopped people making purchasing online has been security risks and lack of payment options. Corey explains how security and payment options have improved.

The simplest and most obvious choice when shopping online is to uses your credit card for payment. All major shopping websites offer technology which allows you to pay by credit card. The advantage is that the payment is instantaneous, meaning your transaction is completed quicker, leading to a shorter mailing time. However, some people are still unsure of how secure such payment systems are. By following YOURLifeChoices online security tips and stay within the boundaries of trusted shopping sites, you should not have a problem.

One of the most popular methods for paying for online goods is Paypal. It is a site entirely dedicated to paying for online goods, with easy to set up accounts. Paypal is widely available and reputable. Some sites will even offer free delivery, additional discounts or bonus add-ons when using Paypal as a payment method. For more details read YOURLifeChoices’ guide to using Paypal.

Another fantastic electronic payment option is the website Western Union. Not as popular as Paypal, but just as trustworthy and user friendly. For more details visit

There are other options for payment online, but they cannot compete with the might and speed of instantaneous services like Paypal, Western Union or the simple credit card. The other ways which you can typically complete an online transaction are not electronic, therefore often take much longer to process. These include money order, personal cheques, bank cheques and bank deposits. Whilst these are all effective methods of payment, they will all lead to the delaying of the shipping of your items.

The rules of shopping online are pretty well defined, and buying online is generally well regulated by those who run the many online shopping websites. Once you find a method of payment you feel comfortable with, stick with it and you will be completing transactions in no time.

If you are shopping on eBay, there are some exceptions to the rules listed above. The seller of the item lists his preferred method of payment, so what he/she says goes. If the seller would like a bank-to-bank transfer, then simply email him your details, and he/she will do the same. If the seller would like to exchange cash on pickup, then that’s how the deal will be completed.

Good luck and happy spending.

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