You can pay with your face, but would you?

Is facial recognition technology the future of secure payment?

Paying with your face, would you?

Over the past few years, computers have become incredibly good at recognising faces, and the technology is expanding quickly.

Facial recognition has existed for decades, but only now has it become accurate enough to be used in secure financial transactions.

The technology is already being used in China where customers can pay bills by doing little more than smiling at a camera.

Customers of KFC restaurants in Hangzhou place their order at a terminal, which then scans their face. If it matches the image on the photo ID stored in the system, the customer only has to enter his or her phone number and the payment goes through.

The KFC restaurant is the first physical store in the world to use facial recognition software to take payments.

Ant Financial, the company that provides the service, is eager to reassure consumers the technology is secure.

The software analyses more than 600 facial features to make a match, and uses a 3D camera and a ‘liveness’ algorithm to make sure people aren't trying to fool it with photos or videos of someone else.

Ant Financial says its new system will eventually be introduced in Chinese retail outlets other than KFC.

“We hope one day in the future people can go out without their cell phones or wallets,” Dong Liyun, a product manager at Ant Financial, told

Facial recognition technology is already used in many Chinese apps for payment credentials.

It is possible to transfer money through Alipay, a mobile payment app used by more than 120 million people in China, using only your face as security.

Do you think this technology will eventually make its way to Australia? Would you use it?




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    13th Dec 2017
    Well, it's going to come, isn't it? Can't be less secure than a dodgy signature as was used previously, and a pin you tend to forget.
    13th Dec 2017
    Iris, voice, fingerprint and facial recognition are already here and almost foolproof from what I understand. Common sense you would use all 4 as short of kidnapping people the scammers would be defenseless. Hopefully they might starve and have to get a real job being paid peanuts...which is their true value.
    13th Dec 2017
    What if I have to get skin cancer removed, I will get locked out of all my accounts>
    Polly Esther
    13th Dec 2017
    probably Charlie, but always look on the bright side of life, you won't have to pay for your operation :)) LOL and have a great day!
    13th Dec 2017
    I remember a friend who had fingerprint recognition sign-on at his work. He was always late because it just didn't accept his scan and he couldn't open the doors!
    13th Dec 2017
    Facebook still makes a lot of mistakes with facial recognition so its not there yet. However theft is to easy. Front your victim up to the ATM and say bye bye savings account.

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