Self-driving car could change the world

Steve Mahan has lost 95% of his vision and doesn’t have a driver’s licence but with the help of a self-driving car, in the future, this shouldn’t stop him from getting from point A to point B. As the above video shows, Mr Mahan was given a test-drive of the self-driving car in which he was accompanied by a Google employee who sat next to him and fed the route to each destination into the laptop linked to the computer. Mr Mahan was able to visit his local drive-through restaurant, order and pickup his meal and get back to his destination all thanks to the driverless car. In the future, Google expects the system to be able to drive from point to point on voice commands.

After watching the video above, you should be excited by the implications of this technology for the future. Those who cannot drive due to health conditions will be able to get around, the number of accidents on our roads would be significantly decreased and most importantly, the number of drink driving accidents would almost be erased due to the car driving you home after a night out with a few wines or beers.

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To find out more about the Google Driverless Car read this Wikipedia entry 

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