Should I buy an iPhone 4?

Would you buy a car which breaks down half way to work and needs to be pushed the rest of the way? Probably not. So why on earth would anyone buy a smartphone which they know has problems with signal strength resulting in calls dropping out in the middle of a conversation?

Admittedly, the majority of smartphone users use their phone to make calls as little as 33% of the time, with SMS, internet, music, email and applications taking up an increasingly large amount of the balance. This is why many have lined up for hours to purchase their phone in store, or have pre-ordered the device which has been understocked in Australia – perhaps to increase hype.

The iPhone 4 does bring a lot to the table in terms of an upgrade to the technology from its predecessor. With a faster processor, 5.1 megapixel camera with flash and a front facing camera for video chat (which requires wireless internet access), higher resolution screen and the most important upgrade, multi tasking which allows you to run a number of different programs at the same time, this new version is impressive.

I was the owner of an iPhone 3G but traded it for an HTC Desire at the start of the year. The HTC Desire is not as good as I expected it to be, with a number of faults including constant weekly reboots needed to keep it running at 100% performance. “The marketplace”, which is HTC’s versions of the Apple application store, does not compete. The quality of products is nowhere near the same standard of the App store from Apple.

Released in the USA, the HTC Evo is the world’s first 4G phone. The hottest feature allows you to turn the phone into a mobile hotspot, allowing eight separate Wi-Fi devices to use the phone to connect to the internet. The HTC Evo out-performs the iPhone 4 in many different areas but due to its design on a 4G network and lack of compatibility, it will never be released in Australia, this will allow the iPhone 4 to thrive.

The iPhone 4 has the potential to be a good product and would consider purchasing it when the reception problems are fixed and Apple allows the implementation of Flash software to be displayed.

The smart thing to do right now if you are looking to enter the smartphone market, is to wait, or purchase an iPhone 3Gs (make sure you get 3Gs) at a bargain price from all those who are upgrading to the iPhone 4.

Webmaster Drew