Should you upgrade or repair your computer?

When your computers not working as it should be and you don’t have a clue what the problem is, do you call someone in to repair it or do you make the choice to upgrade?

Knowing when to cut your loses is an important part of life, but when is the right time to simply trash a computer and upgrade to a new one? Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple, as it depends on the situation.

As it stands; you can purchase a brand new computer without software, keyboard, monitor or a mouse, for anywhere between $375 and $600. While this price range may seem steep, you are getting a computer, which is far superior to the one you currently have, and you should not need to upgrade it for many years. A computer is similar to an appliance in your house, eventually it will start to have problems functioning, depending on the amount of usage. A great alternate option is to buy a second hand computer. An advantage of buying a second hand computer is that you generally get a computer pre-loaded with windows and ready to use, while getting something that should be a lot faster than your old computer, for a fraction of the cost, which may equal the repair bills of your current computer.

I am not assuming that everyone has a slow computer and is severely outdated, I am going off the prices I have seen recently on the market, as I thought my 2 year old computer that was top of the range when I purchased it, was still good, until I upgraded and found out it’s worth only a fraction of what I paid, similar to what happens with the depreciation of a car!

With this in mind, how do you know if getting someone to repair your computer is worth it? You need to follow the steps listed below:

· Identify the problem, if there is an error message showing up, write it down, if your computer “freezes up” and you have to restart, identify when it does it.
· Call a number of company’s in your area, you can find these in the yellow pages, alternatively if you have a laptop, you can find dedicated retailers for your product who are specifically catered to dealing with your brand of product. Explain your problem to the person on the phone and get an estimate of what it will cost to fix it.
· Set a limit for them when you ask them to fix it, add 33% to the price of the quote to this limit.
· Before going to get the computer repaired, ad 33% to the price of the cheapest quote and see what it adds up to. If it is more than $250, and your computer is more than 2.5 years old, it may not be worth getting it repaired, have a look around online and in newspapers/trading post for used computers for sale!

A good source of cheap used computers is Gumtree

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