Technology gone too far?

Does our webmaster Drew, a true technology champion, feel that Google has gone too far with their latest offering, Street View.

They say it’s all in the name of technology but do we really need to be able to see each other’s houses online?

We received a lot of feedback on our first article regarding Google maps, which showed readers how they could view their own homes and backyards through the satellite images collected and posted by Google maps. There were those who felt this technology was a invasion of their privacy, I can only imagine what they are saying now with the release of Google’s new technology added to their mapping system in the past week, Street View.

Street View is a concept that has been in development by Google all over the world for quite some time, and has now been successfully implemented. What is it exactly? In simple terms, Google has driven around with special cameras, currently in Australia, Northern America and parts of France, and taken enough photos to provide a virtual tour of any major city, including urban and metropolitan areas.

I was extremely surprised and shocked when I put in my home address and even though the image was a good four months out of date (I could tell by the trees), the images of the outside of my house were crystal clear. You could even tell the make and model of the cars in the driveway, which I dare say, could be zoomed in on to find out my number plates, should someone want them.

While some people in the media have felt otherwise, I personally feel that this technology has a large use in our ever-expanding society; it will make jobs easier for quite a few people who provide services to different clients every day, by helping them identify what the house will look like. The list of benefits received by this service will outweigh the criticisms received, and at the end of the day, we are all nosey people and would love to see what the first house we lived in looks like!

Google maps has kindly provided on their website an introduction video on how to use the new feature including a tour. To take this tour, click here