Technology on the move

As people age they still wish to retain their independence and don’t want to stay indoors all the time. Mobile technology is useful for providing a safety net should something happen while out and about.


There are plenty of technologies available for creating a safe environment in the home. As people remain active for longer, technology needs to be adapted for those on the move, such as these clever gadgets showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show.

LifeTrac mobile protector

This is the same size as a mobile phone and, as it has many of the same features as a smartphone, there is no need to carry two gadgets. The key features are:

·tuses GPS to set parameters of a ‘safe area’

·tSMS alert sent to caregiver when safe area is breached

·thas one-touch alert

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emPower electronic focusing glassesimage

These glasses look just like everyday spectacles but with the simple flick of a switch, you can change the type of focus you require from distance to reading. The key features are:

·teliminates the need for progressive lenses such as bifocals or varifocals

·tuses liquid crystal to alter curvature of the lens

·tless distortion of sight means fewer trips due to poor focus

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