Top 5 iPhone apps


AroundMe is without a doubt the handiest application on the smartphone. If you like travelling, hate maps or just generally find yourself lost and needing to know where things are, then never fear, AroundMe is here. If you are searching for an ATM, petrol station, bar, pharmacy or hotel, anywhere in the world, then AroundMe can pinpoint your location and give you exact directions, taking you straight to your iPhone’s interactive map. It also has a search feature, so if you find yourself in the middle of Mudgee, NSW and need to get to ‘Bob’s Banquet Barn’, simply type it in and AroundMe will give you the exact directions on your iPhones interactive map.


Another fantastic application which gets you off your mobile phone and assists your social life. UrbanSpoon has listings of every restaurant within a kilometre of your given area, wherever you are, at any time. It has reviews, expert advice and many other helpful tips. Also, thanks to the fantastic Google Maps feature which comes pre-loaded on all iPhones, it also gives you interactive directions to the restaurants doorstep.


Anytime you hear a song on the radio, in a film or at a concert, just simply open up the Shazam app, press the ‘Shazam’ button, and out of the billions of songs in existence in the world it will tell you the artist, song and album! Amazingly, Apps such as Midomi use this same technology, but with a distinct difference…you can sing or hum the tune into your iPhone and it can recognise the song. Great for when you have a tune stuck in your head and cannot think of who sang it.

What’s App

One of the most cost effective apps around and as good a reason for purchasing a smartphone as any. For the tiny sum of $1.19 you can purchase ‘What’s App’. It acts in the exact same way as an SMS service, with one small difference…every single text message you send is free! ‘What’s App’ uses your internet data to send the messages, and because it takes up almost none of your data to send a message, then you can SMS your friends and family until your hearts content, without spending a dime on your contract.


From the get-go Skype app was the best suited social networking app to the smartphones. Incredibly easy to use and of course very cheap, if you wish to log face time with your loved ones without paying the costs of a video call, then choose Skype. Also, make sure to download the Facebook App instead of going on Facebook through the smartphones web browser, as it is infinitely more user friendly.