Top Australian Google Searches of 2011

Earlier this week, Google released a list of the top Australian search results of 2011. Were you one of many googling the iPhone 5, Zara, Hamilton Island or red velvet cupcakes?

If you were given the following list of fastest rising searches last year you would be asking yourself who on earth is Rebecca Black (you may still be asking this), is planking some kind of pirate craze and is Adele a new kind of computer. Rebecca Black is a 14 year-old American Pop singer whose mother paid $4000 to have a music video produced for her. The song and video named ‘Friday’ went viral on YouTube due to how ‘bad’ it was and clocked up over 100 million views. Planking is a craze which also went viral with people all around the world taking photos of themselves lying horizontally in different places ontop of interesting objects, for no particular reason. And, Adele is not a computer, she is a talented English singer and song writer who took the world by storm in 2011 with her album ‘21’ becoming this year’s best selling album.

The most interesting name on any of the lists is Michelle Bridges who tops the fastest rising people list for Australians. Michelle is a trainer on the show ‘The Biggest Loser’ and is very active online through her twitter account and website – 12 week body transformation.

Not surprisingly, two separate iPhone products were in the top 10 fastest rising searches of 2011 while an online computer game targeted towards 12-18 year olds was the second fastest rising search.

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Written by Drew

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