Top five smart home products

Smart home technology is fast becoming commonplace. Some gadgets sound as though they’re straight out of The Jetsons, but would you consider using any of these futuristic products?

iDevices switch

This simple device sits in your power socket, between an appliance and the power point. You can then turn the device on and off using an iPhone or iPad, and you can even ask Siri to turn things on or off for you. It could save you fumbling around for a light switch in the dark, and you can turn on heating or cooling devices when you’re on your way home – although you might want to continue reading for a safer option for heating.


This impressive system allows you to set a different temperature for each room of your house. It will then heat and cool rooms accordingly to keep everyone comfortable. With its easy-to-use associated app, you can adjust room temperatures with a few taps or turn heating off in rooms that aren’t in use. Currently, it’s quite expensive and designed for use in the United States, but as competition heats up, the prices will come down and this technology will become more readily available worldwide.

Goji Smart Lock

Replace the lock on your front door with a smart lock and you can set your door to unlock as you approach. You can also send invites to friends and family to allow them to enter when they arrive at your house. With a built-in camera you can see who is at your door and let them in with a simple tap on your smartphone. The app will also keep a record of anyone who has come to your front door, which could help prevent, or solve, robberies by photographing intruders. The device is battery powered, but don’t worry, it’s smart enough to remind you when batteries are running low. And if the battery does go flat, you can use an ‘old fashioned’ key as backup.

iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

Stick this small thermometer into the dish you’re cooking and you can keep track of its temperature. Your regular thermometer can probably do something similar, but can it sound an alarm when your food is at the right temperature? Multi-tasking in the kitchen can be stressful, so not having to keep track of the main course while you prepare dessert can save you from a dinner disaster. The Kitchen Thermometer can also help with more challenging culinary tasks, such as candy making or beer brewing, by keeping track of temperature and plotting it on a graph.

The device is safe to keep in the oven as long as the temperature doesn’t exceed 300 degrees Celsius (the rubber grip can’t be exposed to temperatures higher than 250 degrees).

Parrot’s Flower Power

This device is a small Bluetooth-enabled sensor that you can put into any pot plant. It monitors the moisture levels and reminds you when you need to water your plant. What’s more impressive is that the device also monitors sunlight, temperature and fertilizer levels, essentially allowing you to fake having green thumbs. Flower Power also has a database of over 7000 plants of which it can take care. If you still don’t think you’ll be able to keep your plants alive, Parrot has a new product launching soon that will also water your plants.

Do you think any of these devices are worth purchasing?

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