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If you are a frequent visitor to YOURLifeChoices you will have noticed a few new changes to the website over the past months. After reviewing the feedback we received from old and few members, we completely changed the way our articles were being shown on all of the pages of our website. If you visit our homepage and scroll down, you will see the new and improved article layouts.

The second piece of feedback we received was that while the homepage was where new articles were being placed, members wanted to know which articles were being discussed. This has led us to implement our new ‘Most Popular Articles’ and ‘Latest Comments’ box located on the right hand side of every page. The ‘Most Popular Articles’ box shows which articles have had the most comments during the past seven days, while the ‘Latest Comments’ box shows the topics with the most recent comments on our meeting place.

Finally, members expressed that they wanted more video content on our website, especially news from outside sources. That is why you will find a video player with the latest news headlines under relevant areas of our website in the right hand side section.

We hope you enjoy the new features and we invite you to send any and all feedback to help improve our website to [email protected]

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