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Google started out as a simple search engine and has evolved into one of the largest online networks. Offering translation services, videos, news, email and website analytics, it is no wonder Google is changing the lives of ordinary Australians. Read on for Google Calendar, Docs, Maps and more.

Google Calendar
Since the death of her mother, Jean has taken a more direct support role in the life of her father, Gary. Jean works 45 hours a week, lives an hour away from Gary and was finding it hard to keep up-to-date with everything going on in his life. A work colleague introduced Jean to Google Calendar and showed her how it would allow Gary to enter his weekly schedule online and allow Jean to add her visits in and check up on what Gary is doing every day.

Google Documents
On a recent trip to Europe, Alan and his wife Jenny were robbed. Their camera, money, traveller’s cheques and credit cards were stolen. Fortunately for Alan, his son had shown him how to use Google Documents and so their personal details and copies of all travel documentation, traveller's cheques and credit cards were stored for easy access on Google Documents.

Google Maps
A constant point of contention in their household, Bill believes he is the world’s greatest navigator. Unfortunately for Bill, his skills do not match the hype. Bill led Shirley astray on numerous occasions until Shirley discovered Google Maps. Before every drive to an unfamiliar location, Bill logs onto Google Maps and prints out the exact route they need to take to reach the destination.

What is Google Calendar and how can it help?
Google Calendar can be used to help organise your life, a friend's or a family member's. In the case of Jean and her father Gary, they used Google Calendar to help her dad plan his week, keep up-to-date with appointments and most importantly, to receive email and SMS reminders for essential appointments and events.

Google Calendar is freely available and can be used by all web browsing clients over the internet. There are also a number of applications that link on smartphones with Google Calendar and allow you to easily plan your day on the run.

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    10th Oct 2013
    Yes!! but by merging with YouTube they are not gaining many Friends by Printing Peoples Real Name on YouTube Comments !!! GRRRR !! Has anybody else noticed this ?? .. The complaint list is Many !!!...

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