Windows to re-implement Start Menu

A leaked screenshot of the newest build of Windows 8 has revealed that the popular Start Menu feature is making a comeback.

Since the release of Windows 8, users have been complaining that the new interface is inconvenient for non-touch devices. Users have been hoping that Windows would re-introduce the Start Menu feature, with many users downgrading to Windows 7 until the feature is restored.

Users who have been patiently waiting are to be rewarded soon, with a new hybrid Start Menu. As shown in the build screenshot below, the Start Menu incorporates features of the classic menu and new Windows 8 features.

This news will hopefully be followed by more announcements, which will see a return to the classic style of Windows, as reception to the tablet-friendly operating system was less than desirable.

This forthcoming update, which will see some other classic features return, was announced earlier in the year but still has no release date.

Are you using Windows 8 and excited for the return of the Start Menu? Or have you got used to the new Windows 8 way of operating? 

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