Would you be happier without Facebook?

The Happiness Research Institute in Denmark decided to put this question to the test.

Would you be happier without Facebook?

The Happiness Research Institute in Denmark decided to put this question to the test. Do you think you were happier before you started using Facebook, the popular social network?

The study

1095 Danish people were selected by The Happiness Research Institute and questioned about their Facebook habits, which were as follows:

  • 94 per cent visit Facebook as part of a daily routine
  • 78 per cent use Facebook 30 minutes or more daily
  • 86 per cent browse the news feed often or very often
  • 69 per cent prefer to post pictures of the great things they experience
  • 61 per cent prefer to post their good sides on Facebook

They were also questioned on their moods and satisfaction with their social lives.

Afterwards, the group was randomly split into two halves – the ‘treatment group’ was asked to stop using Facebook for one week, while the ‘control group’ went on as usual using the network.

The results

After one week, The Happiness Research Institute found the users that were not using the network were significantly happier.

When asked “In general, how satisfied are you with you life today?” and to rank their answer on a scale from 1-10, the non Facebook using treatment group averaged at 8.12/10, compared to the Facebook using control group, which averaged at 7.75/10.

Before the study began, the treatment group averaged at 7.56/10, whereas the control group averaged at 7.67/10.

On the last day of the study, the participants were also asked, ‘What moods they had experienced that day’. Facebook abstaining members of the treatment group were more likely to be happy, enthusiastic and enjoying life; while also less likely to be sad, depressed, worried, lonely or angry.

You can download the full report at The Happiness Research Institute website.

What do you think about this study? Do you believe the results would have differed over a longer period of time? Let us and your fellow readers know in the comments below.


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    10th Dec 2015
    Such rubbish! I adore using Facebook, make so many friends, extend my hobbies and meet people I would never normally have been able to meet.

    I learn useful information and pass it on. Love it and would be quite lost without it.

    And I'm 62!!
    10th Dec 2015
    It all depends on how you use it. If you just look at the funny pictures or use it to find old friends or let someone know when and where you want to meet for lunch it's fine. But if you use it to grizzle about all that is wrong with the world then it just depresses you and everyone else you contact. We have so much media now that all the sadness in this world is constantly in your face. I have a facebook account but rarely use it as I prefer to do things about what is wrong then just sit there and moan about it.
    10th Dec 2015
    It might be ok if people just stopped posting masses of inane garbage, most of it originating in America, eg, the conspiracy theories etc.

    I have had friends on FB posting rubbish that continually gets circulated over and over again. I repeatedly tell them to check the stuff on Snopes, Urban myths etc, BEFORE they post it, but no, they are told to pass it on to everyone they can, so they do. Why do people do this? Even when I give them the evidence that it is wrong, they never post a message to everyone to say the post was wrong and to ignore it.
    10th Dec 2015
    I often wonder if it might be better to not post on this site........time consuming and frustrating when you realise how some people live in denial and are unable to address reality.
    10th Dec 2015
    Facebook is great. I am not on it to be "happy". At a family wedding last week we had gathered from all around the world. Cousins, Aunts and Uncles could all talk about articles that had been placed on FB. It was so easy and a wonderful way to unite family. FB is not compulsory - if you want to be leftout don't sign up.
    10th Dec 2015
    I have also learnt how to plait my grand daughters hair!
    Happy cyclist
    10th Dec 2015
    I have never been on FaceBook and don't have the slightest idea how I would fit it into my life. I certainly don't feel for a second that I am missing anything -- quite the contrary.

    10th Dec 2015
    I hear enough unsolicited small-talk in everyday life to keep me from seeking even more via the Internet and in my own time.
    10th Dec 2015
    I think its a blot on humanity.
    Look at the lives (mostly young) that have been lost due to this horror.
    Say what you like, it takes over peoples lives.
    I for one can live without it.
    fish head
    10th Dec 2015
    Never used Facebook. Have no interest as I have a busy life to lead - amongst real people.

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