Technology Q&A

What should you do with your old devices? Recycle or repurpose?

Steve wants to know the best way to dispose of his old devices.

Seven Skype tips and tricks

Skype can provide you with more than just video calls and instant messaging.

How to back up a Google calendar

Belinda is worried about her online calendar having a meltdown and wants to know her options.

Should I buy a cordless vacuum?

Liz's old vacuum cleaner has died and she wants to know if cordless vacs are up to the task.

Tech Q&A: iPhone or Android?

This question has plagued prospective smartphone owners for years.

Make a movie on your smartphone

Diane wants to know the easiest way to make a movie from her travel videos.

Stop a program opening on startup

Drew explains how to stop specific programs from loading when your computer turns on.

Is PayPal safe?

Bobby is trying to buy a gift online, and the only payment option offered is PayPal.

Can you leave your computer on?

Do you have to switch off your computer at night?

Should I turn off my tech?

Beryl wants to know if turning off her phone at night will help it run more smoothly.

Recovering deleted emails in Outlook

Patricia has accidentally deleted an important email and she needs to recover it.

When will I get the NBN?

Find out when the NBN will roll out in your area.

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