Technology Q&A

In the market for a new TV? Do you understand these acronyms?

Television has come a long way from the big box with a cathode ray tube.

Tech Q&A: Can I keep my number if I change mobile providers?

Giselle is unhappy with her mobile provider but doesn't want to lose her phone number.

Can a stranger discover your location over the internet?

Elroy is worried that his location could be discovered by someone who threatened him online.

Tech Q&A: Is there a way to block political text messages?

Theresa wants to know if Craig Kelly's text messages are even legal.

What is your IP address? Google's top tech question

To communicate, each computing device needs an address, just like our homes.

How to fix wifi black spots around your house

Make sure that you have good wifi in all areas of your home.

What should you do with your old devices? Recycle or repurpose?

Steve wants to know the best way to dispose of his old devices.

How to use Skype as a security camera and other cool tricks

Skype can provide you with more than just video calls and instant messaging.

How to ensure you don’t lose everything in your Google calendar

Belinda is worried about her online calendar having a meltdown and wants to know her options.

Tech Q&A: What are the pros and cons of cordless vacuums?

Liz's old vacuum cleaner has died and she wants to know if cordless vacs are up to the task.

Tech Q&A: should I buy an iPhone or an Android?

This question has plagued prospective smartphone owners for years.

Q&A: What can I use to make a simple movie?

Diane wants to know the easiest way to make a movie from her travel videos.

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